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NOTICE: The State has made changes to the licensing process in 2011. Please read below!

Online Insurance Training is here for one purpose, to get you to pass your insurance exams on the first try. You have come to the right place to make this happen! We offer the most comprehensive text and practice testing material in the industry at an affordable price.

Oregon Pricing:

$229                       All Lines (Property, Casualty, Life, and Health)

$199                       3 Lines (Property, Casualty, and Life)

$149                       2 Lines (Either Life & Health or Property & Casualty)

$99                         1 Line (Life or Health)

Our online training program is clear, concise, and easy to read.  When you have completed the required hours for your license you will be ready to take the test and pass it.

Below is an outline of the steps that must be taken to receive your insurance license in Oregon:

Summary of steps to obtain your license:

1.       Complete the required hours of study for the licenses you wish to obtain.

2.       Take your examination and pass it.

3.       Submit your application to the DCBS and also your fingerprints to the State Police after you pass your exams but while you are still at the exam testing site.

4.       Now that you have passed your exams and your applications have been submitted, you have to wait until it is all processed and approved. Once it is processed and approved, you will be given your insurance license for tests that you passed. This approval process can take up to 4 weeks.

Details of steps to obtain your license:

1.       Complete the pre-license training required by the state (which is what we provide for you).

                The required hours for each license are as follows:

                                Property:             20 Hours

                                Casualty:              20 Hours

                                Life:                       20 Hours

                                Health:                 20 Hours             


Note: Once you have completed the required hours in each course you will be able to print a certificate of completion online. You will be required to present this certificate to the testing center when you sit for your exams.


2.       Once your hours are completed for any of the courses you are taking, you are ready to register and take the examination. Property & Casualty is taken as one single exam. However, you have the option of taking Life & Health as a single exam or you can break them up and take a Life exam and then take a Health exam at a later date if you choose. To register for the exam you will need to go to www.psiexams.com or call 1-800-733-9267 and set a test date. The testing vendor has sites all over Oregon, you can view the locations by clicking the link above to PSI’s website.


3.       Once you pass the exam, while you are still at the testing center, you will submit your insurance license application required by the DCBS. You will also be required to submit an electronic fingerprint card and the DCBS Criminal Records Request form 4862 at the testing center. They will only accept a cashier check, money order, or visa/mastercard, they do not accept personal checks so make sure you have the proper form of payment. All applications and forms will be available at the testing center but we highly recommend you fill out the paper application to the DCBS prior to showing up at the testing site. The application will ask a lot of information about your past employment and residence history that you will want to make sure you have available while you are at the testing site. The application we suggest you fill out ahead of time can be found by clicking this link: DCBS Application Form


4.       You have now completed all of the required steps to obtain your insurance licenses. Now you will need to wait until the DCBS approves your application and they will automatically post your license on their website once you are approved. To check the status of your application, click on the following link: DCBS License Check


Note: Have your completion certificate from OIT on hand when you set up your exam. You must have this certificate with you to be admitted to the testing facility.


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